PDF Image Extractor Overview
Installing PDF Image Extractor
Removing PDF Image Extractor
Registering Product
Document Window
File List
Information Area
Image Preview Area
Tools Area
Working with Files
Opening PDF Files
Exporting Images
Applying Effects
Buy PDF Image Extractor
Shortcuts with the Keyboard.
File menu
Add PDF... Command - O
Remove PDF Delete
Parse PDF Command - Alt - P
Open Export Folder... Command - Shift - O
Save Command - S
Save All... Command - Shift - S
Edit menu
Undo Command - Z
Redo Command - Shift - Z
Copy Command - C
Select All Command - A
Stop PDF Parsing / Unselect Images Esc
Tools menu
Small Preview Size Command - 1
Middle Preview Size Command - 2
Large Preview Size Command - 3
Rotate Command - Shift - R
Flip Vertically Command - Shift - V
Flip Horizontally Command - Shift - H
Image Effects Command - Shift - E

Shortcuts with the Mouse.
Shift or Command Click on the images in the Preview Area to select/deselect images for export.


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